WhatsApp Business API

Engage customers on the world’s leading messaging platform. Integrate rich messaging capabilities into your contact center via WhatsApp for Business API.

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Why Unifedway ?

CallHippo is a leading provider of cloud-based contact center services dedicated to fostering innovation and ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction. Explore why businesses consistently choose CallHippo as their preferred office phone system provider.

Streamlined Integration

Seamlessly incorporate WhatsApp’s comprehensive feature set into your contact center workflows through our user-friendly WhatsApp API integration toolkit.

Enhanced Customer Interaction

Cultivate meaningful connections on the preferred communication channel of customers, fostering deeper engagements through WhatsApp messaging.

Insightful Data Analysis

Utilize comprehensive analytics on message efficacy, user engagement trends, and complete funnel ROI to optimize and fine-tune your WhatsApp strategy and drive more sales.

Boost Engagement on WhatsApp

CallHippo’s WhatsApp Business API integration allows you to engage customers better. Meet your customers where they are for richer conversations. Use the official WhatsApp API to get started instantly!

Unrivaled Reach

Engage your audience on the platform with the largest active user base worldwide – over 2 billion people across key demographics. Open the door to massive growth by going where your customers already are.

Impactful Messaging

Make every message count by utilizing rich media like images, videos, and documents to craft visually appealing and informative content. Drive higher response rates with multimedia content via WhatsApp API integration.

Optimize Engagement

Harness detailed analytics on message effectiveness, user behaviors, and full marketing campaign ROI to continually refine your messaging approach. Get the direct feedback you need to convert contacts into loyal customers.

Continue the Conversation on

Transition to WhatsApp for personalized and continuous dialogues, fostering stronger customer relationships over time on the platform they frequent daily.

Benefits of Integrating WhatsApp Business API with CallHippo

Transform digital engagement by combining CallHippo’s leading contact center software with the power of WhatsApp messaging.

Leverage Natural Conversations

Facilitate personalized conversations that mirror natural, human-to-human interactions, effectively connecting with customers on their preferred messaging app in a way that feels both intuitive and empathetic.

24/7 Omnichannel Availability

Seamlessly integrate messaging with voice, email, and other channels to empower consumers to effortlessly connect with your brand at their convenience. Enhance retargeting and drive more conversions.

Gain Rich Customer Insights

Analyze crucial conversational data within the CallHippo interface, yielding actionable insights to enhance customer experience (CX) and drive overall business efficacy.

The Ultimate Call Center Software Solution

Empower your team with the necessary tools and enhance communication and productivity with a unified
Call Center Software dashboard.

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