Programmable Messaging API

Integrate the SMS API into your app and connect with customers in more than 250 countries.

Incorporate our SMS API and integrate SMS Notifications, OTP, Reminders, and 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) seamlessly into your workflows. Benefit from a fully secure SSL SMS API suitable for any environment or development language.


Enhance your application or platform by incorporating messaging features and capabilities, revolutionizing how you engage with your users.

Reliable delivery reports

Gain unparalleled insight into deliverability through our reliable delivery reports and debugging tool, setting us apart from the competition.

Message queuing

Optimize your messaging strategy with our automated message queuing system, tailored to your account limits and industry standards. Experience maximum throughput without compromising delivery or compliance.

Automatic opt-outs

Ensure compliance effortlessly with automatic opt-outs. When a customer responds with a designated “stop word” (e.g., STOP), Unifiedway will seamlessly unsubscribe them from future messages.

Message concatenation

Simplify SMS management with our message concatenation feature. If a message exceeds the character limit for its destination, our API intelligently splits it into two messages, eliminating the need for manual content segmentation.

Use existing numbers to send SMS

Seamlessly integrate Unifiedway Hosted SMS to send and receive messages using your existing, well-known numbers, without the hassle of changing providers.

Smart Messaging

Enjoy versatile language support with our intelligent message encoding system. We accommodate any character set and language type, automatically selecting the most compact encoding to minimize the cost per send. Elevate your messaging efficiency with Unifiedway.


Extend Your Global Reach

Deliver SMS to every country in APAC, establishing direct connections to Southeast Asia. Expand beyond the region and establish robust hyperlocal support with SMS.

Competitive and Cost-Efficient

Streamline your suppliers and cut costs with the most competitive rates in APAC. Connect directly to our network and pay only for the services you utilize.

Enhance Delivery Rates

Attain a high success rate in delivering your message, ensuring it reaches your intended audience—your customers.

How It Works?

Step 01

SMS Sending API

Dispatch multiple SMS through tailored campaigns, utilizing the local area codes of your prospective buyers or customers.

Step 02

Delivery and Summary Reports API

Track and address message delivery and engagement issues with real-time reporting and alerts.

Step 03

Sender ID API:

Expand your global reach while maintaining a local presence. Select from over 40,000 area codes, encompassing mobile, local, national, and toll-free numbers.


Straightforward, Transparent API Pricing

Our rates incorporate per-message carrier surcharges, ensuring transparent and predictable pricing without unexpected fees.

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