Mobile Dialer

Experience the convenience of Unified Mobile Dialer, your all-in-one communication app offering Voice over IP (VoIP) services globally.

Designed for seamless international calls at competitive rates, it’s a preferred choice for expatriates and frequent travelers.

Mobile Dialler offers a multitude of features aimed at simplifying and cost-effective communication. With cross-platform syncing, users can seamlessly switch between devices without losing data.


Enhance your application or platform by incorporating messaging features and capabilities, revolutionizing how you engage with your users.

Cross-Platform Syncing

Seamlessly switch between devices without losing data.

Phonebook Integration

Enhance usability by integrating contacts into the dialer.

Conference Calling

Facilitate group communication with conference call support.

Call Recording

Capture and store important conversations for corporate records.

Secure VoIP

Ensure encrypted and secure Voice over IP (VoIP) communication.

Integration with CRM Systems

Connect with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools for streamlined communication.

Customizable Branding

Tailor the app with corporate branding for a professional touch.

Multi-Device Management

Allow administrators to manage and monitor multiple devices for corporate users.

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Enhanced Brand Recognition

White labeling and branding contribute to increased brand visibility and recognition.

Seamless System Integration

API integration enhances functionality and connectivity with external systems.

Tailored User Experience

A fully customized UI ensures a user-centric experience, improving overall satisfaction.

Platform Accessibility

Android and iOS compatibility broadens the reach, accommodating diverse user preferences.

Continuous Support

24×7 customer support guarantees assistance and troubleshooting whenever required.
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