Elevate customer engagement with Business SMS

Effortlessly engage with customers through SMS. Streamline communication, boost response rates, and foster more robust customer relationships.
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Choose Unifiedway for Your SMS Communication Needs

As the foremost cloud contact center software provider, Unifiedway empowers businesses globally. Explore why Unifiedway is the ultimate choice for comprehensive customer communication through our Programmable messaging services.

Intuitive Interface

Our user-friendly platform ensures that your team can start sending SMS messages without encountering any steep learning curves.

Integrated SMS Capability

Experience the convenience of a built-in SMS feature with Unifiedway, eliminating the need for integration with third-party tools.

Tailored Support

Count on our dedicated support team, available around the clock, to assist you in maximizing the benefits of Unifiedway’s SMS capabilities.

Unlock Seamless Communication with SMS

Unifiedway’s built-in SMS capability enables effortless communication with customers through their preferred channels. Here’s why you should leverage this feature.

Streamlined Communication

Empower your agents to effortlessly connect with customers through messaging. Deliver instant updates, information, and support to enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Instant Analytics

Access real-time insights into message response rates, customer preferences, and identify opportunities to continually enhance customer satisfaction.

Customized Engagements

Craft personalized messages tailored to individual customer needs. Cultivate brand affinity and fortify connections between customers and agents.

Connect Seamlessly with

Personalize every interaction by reaching out to customers through their preferred channel – SMS.

Business SMS Advantages

Unifiedway’s SMS feature proves to be a reliable and potent method for transforming the customer experience. Here’s how it can benefit you:

Boost Efficiency:

Reduce response times by up to 30%. Quick resolutions lead to happier customers and provide more time for your agents to concentrate on building enduring connections.

Drive Revenue:

Harness the power of targeted messaging for promotions, updates, and offers. Increase cross-selling and up-selling opportunities to propel revenue growth.

Enhance Loyalty

Customers feel valued and appreciated when they receive timely, tailored messages. This not only increases customer lifetime value but also strengthens loyalty, resulting in significantly higher long-term retention rates.

The Comprehensive Communication Solution

With the help of CallHippo’s unified call center software dashboard, arm your staff with the tools they need to increase productivity and collaboration with the right business sms service.

International Phone Numbers

Forward To Voicemail

Call Monitoring

Auto Dialer

Virtual Call Center

Call Queues


Toll-Free Numbers

Office Hours

Call Whispering

Predictive Dialer

Forward To Your Phone

Call Center Analytics

Appointment Scheduler

Record Calls

Caller Id

Share Phone Number


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