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Personalize every step of your customer journey with a single omnichannel retail solution. Streamline, secure, and win trust at every touch using all your real-time customer data at scale.

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Deliver secure, compliant, and empathetic experiences at scale with Twilio’s proven platform.

A business phone system refers to a multiline telephone system, typically used in business environments for better call management. It comes with a host of handy features including, but not limited to, call transferring, conference calling, call metering and accounting,

and private & shared voice message boxes to elevate business call communication, improving customer satisfaction, and enhancing overall productivity.


Build the future of digital banking with Unifedway.

Twilio Flex

Deliver cross-channel support with a smart, scalable digital clienteling and contact center solution for retail.

Twilio Engage

Deliver personalized engagement and follow-up via preferred channels anytime, anywhere with a single streamlined platform.


Unify cross-platform data on a Customer Data Platform to gain a holistic customer view and build personalized journeys.

Trusted Activation

Build effortless customer onboarding and transaction experiences with 2FA, real-time verification with phone data validation.


Communicate with customers across SMS, Facebook, or WhatsApp and launch retail text marketing campaigns with reliable APIs.


Reach customers with the Email API trusted by top retail and ecommerce brands to deliver email at scale.

Engage seamlessly anytime, anywhere

Use real-time, first-party data to deliver tailored interactions at scale via top channels like SMS, chat, email, voice, and more. Twilio lets you meet customers on their terms to satisfy expectations and build loyalty.

  • Personalized omnichannel marketing

Delight every customer with seamless, targeted campaigns across their favorite channels.

  • Customer 360
Gain a unified view of behavior from real-time intent signals to personalize interactions, reduce churn, and lift LTV.

  • Digital clienteling
Enable reps to give personalized, expert guidance over preferred channels at scale to improve conversions.

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Personalized Experiences for Insurance Customers

Unifiedway is the choice of 9 out of the top 10 U.S. insurers (PNC and life insurance, by premiums written and market share)*.


  • Implement data-driven communications for delivering empathy at scale.
  • Achieve faster speed-to-lead to present your offer to interested customers first.
  • Utilize alerts and notifications to keep customers informed about their digital claims.
  • Ensure compliant communications between sales agents and prospects, as well as agents and customers.
*Based on unifiedway internal data as of December 2022

Gain loyalty through privacy and security

Build trusted relationships with frictionless onboarding and account security. Twilio provides APIs, native tools, and a secure network that combat fraud and uphold user privacy preferences to win loyalty.

  • Seamless verification
Onboard users without friction using phone data validation and real-time verification to reduce fraud and churn.

  • Data privacy
Strengthen relationships and security at once using native software to comply with privacy preferences and regulations.
  • Lifetime loyalty
Be consistent, secure, and seamless at every step to win trust, drive advocacy, and stay top of mind with customers.
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Frequently Asked Question

How effective is SMS marketing for retail?
Nine out of 10 consumers want to use messaging to communicate with brands*. SMS messages are an effective way to reach customers with notifications about sales and back-in-stock alerts to drive conversions.

But SMS, and messaging in general, can do more than support marketing outreach. You can deliver 2FA messages for customer verification and send customers up-to-the-minute order updates and delivery notifications.

Here are some results Twilio customers saw after implementing SMS and other messaging channels:
• Brazilian retail chain saw a 20% increase in sales volume after adopting WhatsApp for messaging customers.
• Pizza app Slice saw order volume increase 2X.
• Online reputation management platform achieved a 32% click-through rate with a new text messaging solution.

*Twilio Global Mobile Messaging Consumer Report

Is it legal to send SMS text messages for ecommerce marketing?
To send SMS marketing messages for ecommerce, you must be SMS-compliant.

1. Before you send an SMS (or WhatsApp, Facebook Business Messenger, or Google Business Message), your customer must opt in to receive these messages from you.
2. You must inform customers about how they can opt out of your messages.
3. You must inform customers about what kinds of messages to expect from you.
4. You must respect any opt out requests.
5. You cannot send retail SMS marketing messages between 9 p.m. and 8 a.m. in the recipient’s time zone.

In the United States, you must also be compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the guidelines of the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA).

What is an API for ecommerce?
There are different types of APIs for ecommerce. There are ecommerce APIs that allow applications, like an ecommerce store and a payments platform, to communicate so customers can buy items seamlessly with their digital wallet of choice. There are also ecommerce APIs that retailers can use to manage inventory and order new stock.

Twilio has APIs for ecommerce and retail communications.

The Programmable Messaging API lets you send and receive SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp messages for marketing, promotions, alerts or notifications.

The Conversations API lets you set up conversations with customers (and multiple agents) to chat about questions, make recommendations, and complete transactions through messages.

The Twilio SendGrid Email API lets you send transactional emails (verification, receipts, shipping notifications) and marketing emails at scale.

How do I use an API for ecommerce?
You use an API to connect your ecommerce platform with another system.

To use Twilio’s APIs for ecommerce or retail communications, here are some guides:
Send your first text message in minutes
Launch a demo app using Twilio Conversations
Get started with the Twilio SendGrid Email API