Office Phone System

With CallHippo, you can buy office telephone system for small & large businesses in less than 3 minutes from anywhere in the world. Sign up now for the best in class phone system for office, which helps you handle all business-related calls.

What Is Office Phone System?

Regardless of the size of your business, you need to own an office phone system to mark your presence in a new market. Whether it is handling customer service calls or making promotional calls to clients, a cost-effective yet productive office phone is extremely important.

Small to medium scale businesses can benefit from the office phone system in ways that are beyond elucidation. Unlike the traditional telephony system, a virtual phone system for office allows you to set working hours, convert emails into voicemails, and more.

Benefits Of The Office Telephone System

CallHippo offers virtual international phone numbers for over 50 countries across the world.

Let’s take a look at how an office phone system from CallHippo can be beneficial for your business:


With VoIP office phone system of CallHippo, you can make international calls as low as $0.002 over a single click. It saves time and cost simultaneously.

Secure Your Information

The cloud-integration is of great use when it comes to secure the business information. The cloud space keeps your information secure and at the same time readily available to use at any time.

Build a Brand Image

Using an office support phone number for professional use not only saves a lot of money on your operational cost but also put up a professional brand image amongst the crowd.

Better Customer Response

Office support phone number comes with various features such as call conferencing; on-hold and IVR. All these features assist a business to render quick and professional customer services.

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Modern Office Phone System Features

Power Dialer

Get numbers dialed automatically from a preset list and say goodbye to manual errors while dialing with Power Dialer.

Smart Switch

Change service providers while on call to improve call quality, clarity, and connectivity with Smart Switch.

Global Connect

Know the local time of your audience’s area before you place the call to customize your approach which making international calls.

Smart Call Forwarding

Forward calls to a different number to improve your availability and prevent calls from being missed with Smart Call Forwarding.

Call Transfer

Transfer phone calls to team members based on their specialization, availability, and core skills

Call Conference

Resolve queries faster by joining live calls as and when required. Provide better assistance to clients and agents with call conferencing.

Call Queuing Software

Manage high call volumes easily by directing them to appropriate call queues, saving both callers’ and agents’ time.

Call Barging

Intervene in live calls to provide better assistance, clarify doubts, reassure customers, and improve service quality with Call Barging.

Call Recording

Keep a detailed record of all calls made and received in your database for quality improvement and analysis.

Voice Mail

Get all your voicemails sent to your chosen email ID and play them directly from your inbox at your convenience.

Call Analytics

Receive intelligent insights regularly on changing customer preferences behavior and campaign efficacy with advanced call analytics.

Call Hold Audio

Keep callers at you and your services even while they are on hold and show them that they are important with on-hold music.

Frequently Asked Question

What features are included in Unifedway office phone system?

Unifedway provides innovative and advanced functionality through its office phone systems. Some of the best features include PowerDialer, automatic call distribution, IVR, call monitoring, call conference, call routing, call recording, and call analytics.

How long does it take to activate CallHippo office phone system?
As Unifedway is a cloud-based solution it ensures simple and hassle-free implementation. You can set up your office phone system in less than three minutes and start making or receiving calls.
How can we forward a call through CallHippo office phone system?
Unifedway smart call forwarding feature enables you to forward calls to any landline, mobile phone number, or satellite phone. You need to enable call forwarding services and add the number where your calls should be routed. It is a great feature that ensures you do not miss even a single business call!
How to use an office phone?

It would be best if you have a few things to install a business phone system, such as a strong Internet connection, router, modem, and other vital VoIP equipment. In addition, you’ll create call flow paths, record IVR systems, and assign agents to extensions and call groups during the setup process.

Can I make global phone calls with an office phone system?
Yes, office phone systems can help businesses connect easily with global clients, partners, and vendors. They can help you plan business engagements better with features such as call planner and build a global presence.