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Maximize your return on every campaign. Combine first-party data from Segment with the best in digital communications from Twilio to build what you can’t with out-of-the-box solutions—customizable marketing campaigns at any scale.
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Boost lifetime value, not impressions

Deliver campaigns and relevant offers to customers with personalized, data-powered marketing. With Twilio, create high-impact marketing campaigns at scale, on any channel, with APIs and software powered by our industry-leading, unified customer data platform.

10 trillion

customer data points tracked

1.3 trillion

emails sent in 2021

130 billion

messages sent in 2021


monthly API uptime

Streamlined Integration

Seamlessly incorporate WhatsApp’s comprehensive feature set into your contact center workflows through our user-friendly WhatsApp API integration toolkit.

Enhanced Customer Interaction

Cultivate meaningful connections on the preferred communication channel of customers, fostering deeper engagements through WhatsApp messaging.

Insightful Data Analysis

Utilize comprehensive analytics on message efficacy, user engagement trends, and complete funnel ROI to optimize and fine-tune your WhatsApp strategy and drive more sales.

Boost Engagement on WhatsApp

CallHippo’s WhatsApp Business API integration allows you to engage customers better. Meet your customers where they are for richer conversations. Use the official WhatsApp API to get started instantly!

Twilio Segment CDP

Unify your data, build customer profiles, and create personalized engagement across channels on a single, trusted platform.

Twilio Engage

Drive personalization and efficient growth with Twilio Engage — the first and only customer engagement software built on the #1 customer data platform (CDP) and #1 customer engagement platform (CEP).

Marketing Campaigns

Build email marketing campaigns at scale, from ideation to implementation, with drag-and-drop tools or a code editor.

Continue the Conversation on

Transition to WhatsApp for personalized and continuous dialogues, fostering stronger customer relationships over time on the platform they frequent daily.

Benefits of Integrating WhatsApp Business API with CallHippo

Transform digital engagement by combining CallHippo’s leading contact center software with the power of WhatsApp messaging.

Twilio Sendgrid Email API

Build a custom email program with the Email API trusted by top brands to deliver at scale without interruption.

Programmable Messaging API

Build personalized customer reengagement—at scale—over SMS, MMS and WhatsApp with a single API.

Conversations API

Engage customers in two-way conversations from ads or search results to provide recommendations and drive sales.

Optimized Campaigns
Short time-to-value
Trusted platform
Campaigns at scale

Make the most of your marketing budget

Get a complete understanding of your ROI and make well-informed campaign investments with advanced dashboards for customer data, email, and messaging.

Gain a granular view of customer events, and see channel deliverability insights that depict campaign effectiveness beyond vanity metrics like opens and clicks.

Eliminate dependencies and reach value faster

Eliminate reliance on other teams or the need for SQL-expertise with real-time customer insights and behavior-based automation.

Build, launch, and quickly iterate on marketing campaigns by always having the most accurate, most current audience lists to use across channels.

Secure your reputation on a trusted platform

Build your marketing strategy on a platform with trust at its core. Our built-in certifications and software for privacy and security help you comply with global regulations, or sensitive industries like healthcare.

Build campaigns on a platform built for any scale

Use first-party data to launch marketing campaigns on a platform designed to capture over 10 trillion customer events, deliver 1.3 trillion emails, and send over 130 billion messages annually to 180+ countries.

Fully utilize your data, at scale, by leveraging pre-built integrations for over 400 channels and platforms.

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