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Engage people at every step with APIs for SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp.

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Protect patient data and build safely with bulletproof security APIs.


Support remote teams and efficient IVR payments with dual-channel voice APIs.


Scale efficient, digital-first contact centers with one flexible, omnichannel platform.


Deliver high-quality telehealth and hybrid care with embeddable video APIs.

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Leverage real-time data to enable personalized outreach at scale. (Now HIPAA-eligible!)

Revolutionize Appointment Management with Unifiedway

Virtual Care
Contact Center
Care Management

Appointment management

Missed appointments incur substantial costs for US hospitals, amounting to $150 billion annually. Unifiedway offers a solution with healthcare APIs, enabling the creation of HIPAA-compliant systems for automating scheduling and appointment management, thereby reducing no-shows and safeguarding revenue.

  • Allow patients to confirm, cancel, or reschedule via SMS.
  • Enhance patient satisfaction through seamless communication channels text, and chat, based on individual preferences.
  • Scale patient relationships with outreach customized and triggered by existing systems and data.
  • Embark on the journey of efficient appointment management with Unifiedway's quick deploy guide.
Start building for appointments with unifiedway quick deploy guide

Virtual Care

A full 39% of patients had a virtual consultation in 2021. unifiedway video APIs for healthcare and life sciences let you offer the convenient telehealth and hybrid care that feels like an in-person visit…

  • Schedule and send SMS reminders for video visits
  • Tailor intake processes for insurance and billing, build virtual waiting rooms, and share pre-visit educational content
  • Include caregivers and interpreters for optimal engagement and outcomes
Learn how to build virtual care in the demo.

Transform Healthcare Engagement with unifiedway way's Cloud-Based Contact Center

In response to the growing demand for personalized healthcare, unifiedway offers the ability to build cloud-based contact centers tailored for the healthcare and life sciences industries. This empowers agents and care teams by providing relevant patient data, facilitating personalized support at scale, and ultimately reducing costs and handling times.

  • Enable support from any device using a single cloud-based, programmable platform.
  • Support agents with comprehensive patient data, custom-built applications, and automations.
  • Allow patients to conveniently pay bills over the phone or through self-serve flows.
  • Explore the possibilities of creating a cloud contact center in the demo and revolutionize healthcare engagement.
Revolutionize Care Management with unifiedway Omnichannel Approach

Omnichannel care management

In the face of the substantial healthcare expenditure dedicated to managing chronic conditions, where an estimated 90% is allocated, unifiedway presents a solution to scale tailored care across diverse channels and populations. This is achieved through automated workflows and relevant data, ensuring consistent experiences with a personal touch.

  • Automate notifications, reminders, and education to encourage wellness.
  • Enhance care through remote monitoring, message tracking, and caregiver support.
  • Provide seamless message.
Embark on the journey of transformative care management with unifiedway quick deploy guide.

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