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What is a Sender ID?
A Sender ID is a unique alphanumeric or numeric code that is displayed on the recipient’s mobile phone when they receive an SMS.
How do I create a Template?
Creating a template involves designing a standardized format for documents, emails, or other materials. It typically includes defining layout, styling, and placeholders for variable content, aiming to streamline future creations and ensure consistency.
Can I send SMS using your API?
Absolutely! Our API allows you to seamlessly send SMS messages, offering a reliable and efficient way to connect with your audience in real-time.
How do I send Customized Messages?
Utilize the variable’s facility within our platform to seamlessly integrate personalized information such as names or preferences into your messages, ensuring each recipient receives custom messages.
How do I upload Documents?
Our user-friendly interface makes uploading documents a breeze, allowing you to efficiently organize and access your files with ease.
What is the length of Sender ID?
Sender ID length typically ranges from 3 to 11 alphanumeric characters, allowing for a recognizable and branded identity in your messages
How can I request for approval of sender ID?
To request approval for a sender ID, start by creating an account on the DLT portal and registering your company as an Entity, ensuring compliance with regulations and facilitating the approval process for sender IDs.
What is Customized SMS ?
By customizing SMS, you can deliver more relevant and impactful messages, driving higher response rates and improving overall communication effectiveness.
What are "Unicode" Messages?
Unicode messages are text messages that use emojis, special symbols, and characters from various languages worldwide, enabling more diverse and expressive communication across different cultures and languages.
How do I remove a number from "Blacklist"?
To remove a number from the “Blacklist,” simply access the blacklist settings in your messaging platform or system, locate the specific number you wish to remove, and follow the prompts to delete it, ensuring unrestricted communication with the previously blocked contact.

Types of SMS 

What is the difference between push SMS & pull SMS?
Push SMS involves sending messages from a centralized server to multiple recipients without their explicit request, commonly used for notifications or marketing.
Is OTP Route different for Transactional & Promotional SMS?
Yes, OTP routes for Transactional and Promotional SMS are distinct, ensuring secure delivery of One-Time Passwords for authentication purposes while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements, thus enhancing the security and reliability of your messaging system.
Whats the difference between Transactional and Promotional Messaging?

Transactional messaging involves sending essential and time-sensitive information to users, such as order confirmations or account notifications, typically triggered by user actions.

promotional messaging focuses on marketing and promotional content aimed at engaging recipients with offers, discounts, or brand updates.

What is a “Flash Message”? How is it different from a normal SMS?
Flash Message is a type of SMS that appears directly on the recipient’s screen without being stored in the inbox, offering immediate attention to time-sensitive information. Unlike normal SMS, Flash Messages are not saved on the recipient’s device and are typically used for urgent notifications or alerts.
What is Transactional Service?
Transactional service refers to a messaging system that delivers critical and time-sensitive information, such as account notifications or order updates, triggered by specific user actions, ensuring prompt and reliable communication with recipients
What's the difference between Long Code and Short Code?

Long codes are standard phone numbers typically used for person-to-person
short codes are abbreviated numbers, often five to six digits long, primarily used for mass communication like marketing campaigns or two-factor authentication

What is promotional service?
Promotional service refers to a messaging system designed for sending marketing content, such as advertisements, offers, or promotions, to a large audience, aiming to engage customers and drive sales or brand awareness effectively.

Sending an SMS 

Can I send bulk SMS?
Ofcourse , you can send bulk SMS messages to a large group of recipients simultaneously, allowing for efficient communication and outreach to your target audience.
How can I schedule an SMS?
You can easily schedule an SMS by accessing the scheduling feature within our messaging platform, specifying the desired date and time for delivery
Will I be charged for sending SMS to DND numbers?
You can only send transactional messages to DND (Do Not Disturb) numbers; attempting to send promotional messages to them may result in unsuccessful delivery
What happens if the SMS delivery is failed?
It’s essential to monitor delivery statuses and retry failed deliveries to ensure effective message transmission.
I want to send SMS to only my subscriber list. How can I do that?
Create a new project and upload your subscriber list to ensure that your SMS messages are sent exclusively to your subscribers, maintaining targeted communication and engagement with your audience.
What is DND?
DND stands for “Do Not Disturb,” a service provided by telecom regulatory authorities that allows mobile phone users to opt out of receiving promotional or marketing messages.
What is the minimum time gap to split an SMS batch?
Typically, it’s advisable to split SMS batches with a minimum time gap of a few minutes to ensure optimal delivery and prevent network congestion or message loss.
How do I send a SMS to my customers?
Create a new project in your messaging platform and import your customer contact list. Then, compose your message, customize it as needed, and schedule or send it

SMS Delivery  

How do I know that my messages are delivered?
You can track the delivery status of your messages through your messaging platform’s reporting or analytics features, which provide real-time updates on delivery success, failures, or pending statuses
How do I know that my messages are delivered?
You can track the delivery status of your messages through your messaging platform’s reporting or analytics features, which provide real-time updates on delivery success, failures, or pending statuses
What are the reasons for an undelivered message?

Messages may remain undelivered due to various reasons such as incorrect recipient numbers, network congestion, insufficient account balance, recipient’s phone turned off, or the recipient’s device being out of coverage area, among others

Where can I see the SMS sent through API?
You can view the SMS sent through API on the dashboard under the “API Keys” where you’ll find detailed logs and analytics.
Will my messages get delivered on DND Numbers too?
transactional messages, such as account notifications or updates, can still be delivered to DND numbers as they are considered essential communications.
What are promotional and transactional prefixes?
Promotional and transactional prefixes are alphanumeric tags used in SMS messaging to categorize messages based on their content and purpose. Promotional prefixes identify messages containing marketing or promotional content, while transactional prefixes signify messages related to essential or time-sensitive information, such as account notifications or order confirmations.

General Questions  

What is HLR Lookup and how do I use it?
HLR (Home Location Register) Lookup is a process used to determine the current status and network information of a mobile phone number. It checks whether a number is active, reachable, and which network it belongs to. This information is valuable for verifying numbers, optimizing routing, and improving SMS delivery rates.
How can I generate API Keys?

To generate API keys, you usually need to follow these steps:

Access Your Account Settings: Log in to your account on the platform or service where you want to generate the API keys.

Navigate API Keys Settings: Look for a section or tab labeled “API Keys” on Left side drawer.

Create API Keys: Find the option Create API keys. Click on it, and the platform will generate a new set of keys for you.

What are the reasons for an undelivered message?

Messages may remain undelivered due to various reasons such as incorrect recipient numbers, network congestion, insufficient account balance, recipient’s phone turned off, or the recipient’s device being out of coverage area, among others

Alerts and Promo Differences
Alerts contain critical information relevant to the recipient, such as account activity, appointment reminders, or security alerts. Promotional messages focus on promotional content, including sales announcements, discounts, or marketing campaigns aimed at driving sales or brand awareness.
Where can I see my Sent Items?

You can view your sent items in the “Message logs” section of your messaging platform, where you’ll find detailed records of all messages sent, including timestamps, recipient numbers, delivery statuses, and message content, enabling you to track message history and monitor communication activity effectively.

Where do I see the overview of my usage?
You can view the overview of your usage on the Dashboard under the “Usage Summary” or “Usage Overview” section
How can I view the analytics on the application?
You can view the overview of your usage on the Dashboard under the “SMS Delivery Stats”
How do I create a Contact?
By creating the project you can Add or upload the data sheet to create contact.
How do I log into my Messaging Account?

First you have to go on web “Login | UW-SMS (allinonecentral.com)” in you browser,after it you can log in if you have already account or else you can sing up for the new account.

How do I change my registered Mobile Number/Email Address ?
To change your registered mobile number or email address, go to “My Profile” in your account settings. From there, you’ll find options to update your contact information. Simply edit the fields for mobile number or email address as needed, and save the changes to ensure your account details are up to date.
Is it necessary to register my SenderID with DLT .?
Yes, it is necessary to register your SenderID with DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) to comply with regulatory requirements and ensure the legitimacy and authenticity of your messaging activities, fostering trust and transparency with recipients and regulatory authorities.
Is it necessary to register my Templates with DLT as well .?
Yes, it is necessary to register your templates with DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) to ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines and obtain approval for the content and format of your messages, facilitating smooth and legal communication with your audience while adhering to industry standards.
Can I limit the number of messages sent to a specific receipient?
Yes, you can limit the number of messages sent to a specific recipient by implementing message throttling or setting restrictions within your messaging platform, ensuring controlled and appropriate communication with individual recipients while managing message volume effectively.
What is Two Factor Authentication.?
Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your account by requiring a second form of verification, typically a code sent to your phone or email, in addition to your password, enhancing account protection against unauthorized access.

Reseller Customers  

Who is a reseller ?

A reseller is a company or individual who purchases products or services from a manufacturer or primary provider and then sells them to end customers, often adding value through marketing, distribution, or support services, facilitating broader market reach and sales expansion.
In our offerings you become an agent and act as a reseller by purchasing products or services

How do I set up a reseller account with Rigel Networks?
Simply visit our website https://unifiedway.co/ and hit the button “Get in Touch” or else you can become our Agent by visit “https://www.rigelnetworks.com/become-our-agent/”